Nannies and Au Pairs

Most Nanny and Au Pair placement services operate nation-wide, so we don’t include them on our searchable childcare map. Below are a few of the better-known Nanny and Au Pair agencies in New Zealand.

Most major Nanny and Au Pair agencies do police checks, offer the Ministry of Education 20 hour ECE subsidy and offer mediation for any problems which arise. Some agencies may also be able to offer ‘step-in’ casual carers if your Nanny or Au Pair is off sick. 


Au Pairs

Is a Nanny or Au Pair Right For My Family? 

Check out our guide to Nannies and Au Pairs, including costs, what to expect and how to determine if it might be a good option for your family. 

Stuff has a great article about hosting an Au Pairs in your family, looking at a few Kiwi families which have had different experiences with Au Pairs.