101 Free or Low Cost Marketing Ideas for New Zealand ECE Providers


101 Free or Low Cost Marketing Ideas for ECE Providers

Early childhood education and ECE marketing in New Zealand is big business. You’re going to need some marketing savvy to keep regular enrolments coming in – but it doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming. Consistent small actions can add up to have a big impact. 

This free 22-page guide contains a whopping 101 free or low cost ECE marketing ideas you can implement today to bring in more enrolments. 

What’s covered?

  • Word of mouth as a powerful ECE marketing channel – don’t underestimate the contribution current parents/caregivers can make! 
  • Tracking your marketing effort and results
  • Online marketing and social media savvy – today’s parents use the internet to research every aspect of their lives and early childhood education is no exception. These days, it’s not enough just be online – you need to stand out from the pack
  • Letting your ECE facility shine during visits
  • Networking and connecting with like-minded people in your community whose job in some way intersects with early childhood education
  • Using the power of local media to connect with the wider community. When it comes to getting media coverage without paying for advertising, focus on adding value and offering advice, rather than ‘selling’
  • Nailing your message (what makes your ECE facility unique?) and having the right marketing materials. 

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